Interior Designer vs Home Stylist

Interior Designer vs Home Stylist

Interior Designer vs Home Stylist

What’s the difference between and Interior Designer and a Home Stylist?


Interior Designers deal with the spatial design and planning of a project. Producing detailed drawings and mood boards with emphasis on space planning and space creation, dealing with associated trades and health and safety. They also deal with interior structure and modifications. Mostly working from a blank canvas where clients would expect to have the entire room (or house) completely re-designed to suit their needs. This does of course not come cheap as interior designers often involve architects, structural engineers and trades required to complete the project.

Results can be outstanding resulting in wonderful spaces that are a delight to the eye…though not necessarily the pocket, and in my experience some so perfect that you feel shouldn’t sit on that sofa!

Home Stylists bring the magic! Working with what is already existing Home Stylists apply your budget to where it will have the most impact within the chosen space or room. Creating an easy to live with cohesive homes with all the things you love, rather than things bought in to complete the look.

Home styling can increase your homes sale value by making it more appealing to potential buyers. If you’ve just moved house and can’t quite get your furniture in the right place then a Home Stylist can help. Raising the comfort and practicality and of course the WOW! factor of your home can have a huge impact on your health and well being, and all for a fraction of the cost of an interior designer’s first visit.

Our room packages start from just £145.00, with whole day of de-cluttering and re-styling from £195.00.

Warning: Home styling can seriously create home envy!