The British Design Industry

The British Design Industry

The British Design Industry

Are you aware that the British Design Industry employs some 1.6 million people in the UK who generate around £71.7 Billion. With these figures and clearly outstanding talent throughout the country we should all be seeking out fabulous British design talent for all aspects of our homes and lifestyles, and it can cost a lot less than you think so let’s dare to be
individual, dare to create a space that’s unique to use, dare to use those bold colours and statement pieces, and in doing so raise the bar ….and a smile! Express your personality (and not the latest High Street trends). The results will deliver a surprising amount pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction, and there’s no greater compliment to your home than the WOW! Where did that come from, when friends and family come to visit.

It’s not so much the money factor that holds back the hidden designer in us all, it’s more the ‘where do I get that’ that’s the real stumbling block. Knowing where to buy is half the battle so here’s a few of our favorite suppliers to get you started.

Georgia Wilkinson – Stunning bright print fabrics, they make the most beautiful curtains, blinds and even just a little as a lampshade can lift an entire room. We particularly love the magpie print on turquoise, and the green lovebirds on pink.

Bold designs not for you?… check out Kate Forman, beautiful faded print linens with glorious detail and soft colour palate. For something in between Clarke & Clarke and Linwood have some amazing fabrics, you’re practically guaranteed to be the only one with ‘those’ curtains. Why pay good money for something sold in the thousands on the High Street when with a little research you could spend the equivalent on products that are more stylish and individual and are unlikely to be seen anywhere else. / – heaven for designer pieces at realistic prices. Pretty much everything you’ll need furniture wise, they work with up and coming designers introducing new talent to the market and into our homes. (there’s always usually a discount code for first orders on the web site).

Paint. The simplest and most trans-formative product on the market. Sets the mood and tone of every space and is the quickest and easiest way to transform a room. There are of course the well known brands like Dulux, Crown etc, but what about Farrow & Ball, Mylands, Dulux Heritage, Little Greene, Zoffany and many more. There are so many colours and finishes it’s well worth the effort to source the perfect paint. When painting the room don’t just think white ceiling, white woodwork, and coloured walls. Be creative, some colours such as Farrow & Ball’s slipper satin and white tie, look particularly good when used all around – ceiling, walls and woodwork, and how easy is that to do?! Resulting in a warm easy to live with neutral scheme that will never date. Darker walls can be brought to life when set against gleaming white paintwork and ceilings, framing the room to great effect. Tester pots are cheap so take the time to try them out as the colours do vary depending upon what’s pre-existing/to be painted over and the manufacturers base their colour reproduction on the basis that the walls are white to start with.

Here at Wild Bear Design we specialize in soft furnishings and home styling. Helping you create wonderful rooms.

The sun is out so let’s get decorating and creating beautiful homes!