November already!

November already!

November already!

Hello, hello.

Sincere apologies for the lack of posts… its been rather manic! Can’t actually believe its November already and Christmas is just around the corner, what a super fast year this has been. Firstly thanks to all our customers, your business is sincerely appreciated, and to those thinking about projects Christmas delivery cut off date is 20th November. After this date I’ll really try but cannot guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.

So… lack of posts = much to share. Brief outline of what 2020 has to offer. There are some design trends starting to appear, Believe it or not..personally I’d rather not..peach back! Not a fan as you can probably tell, its a difficult colour to work with and in certain lights can look very grubby, not the look most want having spent time and effort decorating! Its in bathrooms..yes peach sinks… wallpaper, fabrics and accessories. Gold taps are making a comeback too. Dark colours still very much in Vogue, particularly with vibrant accents, think  navy wallpaper backing with bright peacock design print. Peacocks are big too. There’s a mix of pastels and strong elements to the 2020 colour palate with bold jungle and botanical themes, some with a hint of the exotic including Moroccan trellis designs and similar embroidered fabrics. More on new tends in next post.

Sharing moment… anyone thinking about outdoor garden furniture? (Yes I know its not the right time of year… like I said Ive been busy!) I can highly recommend the Big Bean Bag company (online) not only are their bean bags great value for money, the fabrics are waterproof, fade proof and wipe clean. Polystyrene peas apparently don’t absorb water, don’t go mouldy or attract bugs therefore ideal for leaving out all year round (I’d recommend a covered area over the winter just to ensure they stay looking their best). Fabulous range of colours – kids bean bag for £20 delivered to your door. They’ll come in handy for extra seating at Christmas too..always too many bums to find a seat for! (Amazon – one’s I’ve tested are sold by Home and Garden products).

Another great share. Standfast Barracks in Lancashire. (the Factory Shop, Caton Road, Lancashire).  A treasure trove of fabrics, super easy to get to as its just off the motorway. If you’re in the area its the place to visit. They print for Clarke&Clarke, Linwood, Colfax, Osbourne and Little, Schumacher, Scion, Harlequin and others, anything that’s not 100% perfect is sold off in the on site shop. Scion fabrics £7.00m Colfax/Niña Campbell/Jane Churchill £9.00, as are Linwood and some Zoffany fabrics. There’s Sanderson cottons, linens and printed velvets and some wallpapers too. Its pot luck when you arrive what’s in the shop, but its sure to be an absolute bargain that’s for sure! They’re currently working on a web site so hopefully they’ll be up and running for internet sales very soon. If you’re looking for a bargain and want it made up we’ll happily help out.

That’s all for today folks! Again apologies its been a while, I’ll be back again soon I time I’ll have some stocking fillers for sale so please keep looking. Thanks for reading.