CORONAVIRUS delivery update

CORONAVIRUS delivery update

CORONAVIRUS delivery update

Good afternoon.

What incredible times we’re all facing over the coming days, weeks and months With High Street shops closing their doors, and just about every fabric company, sundries and furniture business following suit we have done the same. We’re sorry to say that we wont be taking anymore orders until this is all under control… we wish you all good health through this worrying time, please do take extra care and stay safe.

When the pandemic has receded we’ll be offering special discounts so until then please don’t despair or abandon your projects. If you have designs you’d like to discuss feel free to email ideas, questions etc…as always design advice is free. Who knows with the number of people I’ve seen buying paint, decorating and garden supplies this past fortnight perhaps 202o will turn out to be the year of the well decorated home and most beautiful gardens, after all its a well proven fact that pleasant surroundings lift and brighten our mood…. so break out that paint brush… or spade!

If anyone is looking for something for the slightly older children to do… and perhaps themselves (!) Emma Shipley is launching free downloads of her beautiful fabric and wallpaper designs and a mindful colouring competition with prizes, anyone interested go to her website.

Take care.